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he time is right; the stage is set. Shakespeare Illustrated will inspire young readers to know and respect the authorship of Edward de Vere, whose plays, sonnets, and poetry are routinely credited to William Shakespeare.

By his own genius, Edward de Vere not only fooled his contemporaries about his role as the true author of Shakespeare’s immortal literary collection but also has misled literary scholars and researchers throughout the centuries. He did so not as an exercise in humble modesty but for self-preservation. Being of royal heritage, Edward de Vere chose to protect himself and his family from danger and condemnation by hiding his authorship of these celebrated works behind the popular, but uneducated, actor William Shakespeare.

It is the mission of Shakespeare Illustrated, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, to educate and instill a passion for Edward de Vere’s work in young readers through the magic of playful characters and authentic text in an illustrated format. De Vere cleverly recognized the potential of teaching law and justice through the theater, and we can advance his efforts through these Shakespeare Illustrated publications. It is here among eager young learners that the truth finally can be established. We can make a difference!

You can join the mission with your investments. A staff of illustrators and editors is needed to bring this vision to reality. With your support Shakespeare Illustrated and the reputation of Edward de Vere will be full speed ahead in the spotlight.

Please take this opportunity to donate and pass the Secret Legacy of Edward de Vere to the Next Generation through the Unique venue of Shakespeare Illustrated.