The history of scholarship on the way Edward de Vere employs legal terminology and concepts is complex, controversial, and closely tied to the authorship question. Believers of the traditional view of authorship appreciate Edward de Vere's knowledge of the law.

Skeptics of this traditional view like many notaries prove that Edward de Vere's legal knowledge is acutely honed and precise -- and that it indicates a mind well-trained and practiced in the idioms and conceptual habits characteristic of lawyers and judges.

Currently the tide is shifting dramatically against the uneducated actor, Shakespeare, and that he was not a legal thinker of the highest order.

One recent contribution to the debate, Shakespeare's Legal Language: A Dictionary, by Sokal and Sokal, published in 2000 in the Athlone Shakespeare Dictionary Series fills over 400 pages of detailed discussion of Shakespeare's legal terms and concepts.


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