The time has come to take a stand and draw the line in the sand. It is clear to

thoughtful, intelligent, reasoned persons that the true author of the of Shakespeare plays has finally been discovered. The evidence is overwhelming, and if the truth be known—it is now.

The mission of Shakespeare Illustrated is to spread the word and teach the young about the rightful authorship of the fine work done by Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford, and his circle of talented writers, editors who all took part in developing the Shakespeare work.

We are going to present the plays of Edward de Vere (Shakespeare) in a format directed toward the young reader.

We will stay true to the intent as Edward de Vere developed in his work with his underlying message of law and morals so that these messages are passed to future generations. We are going to give credit where it is due and let the chips fall as they may.

To all the purists out there visiting this site, we are going to respectfully present Edward de Vere's material in such a way to adhere to the true author's intent of delivery. We ask you to join us in our mission and help support this cause.

Respectfully, Andy Shafer


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